150 Year old Fir Beams - significant quantities available from a 200,000 historic building
Selling in DC 202-465-6900
I am looking for 12/4 x10"x20' reclaimed distressed weathered cedar
Wanted in UT 801-835-0724
Doug fir flooring
Selling in OK 9188052122
Doug fir beams and flooring
Selling in KS 9188052122
100 year old timbers of Redwood
Selling in WI 9062215280
Southern Yellow Pine 3 x 6 ceiling beams all the handmade nails have been removed. They appear to be saw cut. We have 2 22 3 pieces of 3 x 6 (actual measurement) 40 +/- pieces of 3 x 5 (10' to 18' )+ some 4' x 6" 10' long
Selling in NJ 732 870-8883
200 year old heart redwood need to be dismantle from tank house. Email me if interested in purchasing with price quote.
Selling in CA 408 4768873
S-4-S or Square Edge, denailed. no tacks, white paint on one side, long length 12-14-16-18 footers (1x8 with 2000sqft avaliable)
Selling in TX 713-942-9799

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