Looking for whole sale supplier of Reclaimed antique Lumber, mostly raw materials. We need affordable supplier so we can resale and we need supplier that can offer info about the facility the lumber was removed from. We would move about 500k annual
Wanted in PA 717-324-6814
5000' plus Brown Board pine & Hemlock 7-15" wide 8-16' 814 5532578
Selling in PA 814 553 2578
Reclaimed wood, brick, objects, & custom furniture
Selling in AL 1-855-277-5495
Reclaimed wood flooring in a variety of selection
Selling in AL 1-855-277-5495
siding and joist material
in AK 9312474178
siding and joist material
Selling in TN 9312474178
Old barn for sale to be torn down for reclaimed wood
Selling in IA 7122399217
4/4 or 8/4 original face reclaimed oak 9" & wider
Wanted in PA 717-552-0731

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