in OH 6142530553
Reclaimed 80 yr Douglas Fir Beams 9.5"x9.5"x various
Selling in OH 6142530553
Fresh cut Real American Chestnut 100+ years old
Selling in NC 6107814870
boards from old farm buildings
Selling in MN 320-669-7655
4 inch plus width diferent lengths old farm buildings wood
Selling in MN 320-669-7655
20 lanes of bowling alley wood around 6000 sqft mix of maple and pine. Bowling alleys are in a basement and some sections have water damage. Buy would need to cut into sections and remove. Best offer
Selling in IL 8472753933
1x12 siding, 2x6 roof joists, 2x8 and 2x12 floor joists, pine and oak available
Selling in OK 918-520-8348
we greysilver and black Brown siding boards also flooring
Selling in NY 6073682027

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